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Best Things to Eat and Drink at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge

From Blue Milk and Bantha Cookies to Ronto Wraps, discover the Best Things To Eat And Drink At Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge!

Best Things to Eat and Drink at Galaxy’s Edge

Bright Suns! So…we just posted about the Best Things to Eat and Drink at Disneyland and didn’t include anything from Galaxy’s Edge. What’s up with that?! Well there are a couple of reasons. First, Galaxy’s Edge is located both in Walt Disney World AND Disneyland and while our perspective is primarily from our home park, Disneyland, most of our tips apply to both lands! Also, Galaxy’s Edge is a land in of itself and if you’re spending the day there we have some foodie thoughts for you! So let’s dive in…

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First off…if you have a hankering for an out of this world snack, do yourself a favor and use Mobile Ordering on the Disneyland or Walt Disney World Mobile App! In Galaxy’s Edge you can mobile order at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Ronto Roasters and the Milk Stand. Simply find the restaurant, pick a time slot and select your dishes. Once you’ve reviewed your details, you can purchase your order using a credit card or debit card. Once you’re at the restaurant during your chosen arrival times, just select the “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” button so the kitchen starts your order. You’ll receive a notification from the app when your food is ready to retrieve at the counter with the “Mobile Order Pick Up” sign. EASY PEASY and life changing.

Galaxy’s Edge Snacks

If you’re wandering through the Black Spire Outpost Market in Batuu, you’re going to want to grab a snack and maybe something to drink. Here are my recommendations…

Outpost Mix from Kat Saka’s Kettle

Even if you don’t stop anywhere else for Galaxy’s Edge food, you have got to try the sweet and spicy Outpost Mix from Kat Saka’s Kettle in the Black Spire Marketplace. It’s so unusual, but you won’t be able to stop eating it.

Blue Milk from the Milk Stand

If you head across Black Spire to ward the First Order encampment, you will discover another must-do. The Milk Stand offers a selection of blue and green milk to try. Both are plant based milk with unique ingredients. Split each among your group so you can each have a sample and put it to a vote. Are you team Blue Milk or Green Milk? 

Thermal Detonator Coca-Cola’s from Refreshment Stands

While $5 might be a still price for a bottle of Coke, you definitely have to get your hands on these fun Galaxy’s Edge bottles just to say you did right?

Breakfast at Galaxy’s Edge

I love to start off my Disney mornings in Batuu! If you’re there for breakfast, you have a few tasty options…

(David Nguyen/Disney Parks)

Bright Suns Morning from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

The best breakfast in Black Spire Outpost is the Bright Suns Morning, of which there is also a kids version. Bright Suns… is a traditional breakfast platter with a couple of twists to feel thematically relevant. The three cheese egg is baked which takes on a strange property that looks and feels like something from another world. The breakfast potatoes are purple as well. Although purple potatoes are not as uncommon as they used to be, it is a nice touch that contributes to the look of the dish, which also includes sausage and a mini pastry roll.

The pastry roll is incredible and you can also get the full sized version on its own. It’s filled with chocolate mousse, then topped with a gooey raspberry glaze over cookie crumbles. As a rule of thumb, any time you can get a cinnamon roll type pastry in a Disney park…go for it.

(David Roark/Disney Parks)

Moof Juice from Docking Bay Food and Cargo

Both dishes are found at Docking Bay 7, where you can also have Moof Juice. This non alcoholic beverage is a fruit punch with orange, and pineapple with a little bit of spice added to it from chipotle seasoning. At Oga’s Cantina, you can have a Spiran Café’s, or a Bloody Rancor. Each is a morning beverage. Spiran Can is a coffee and citrus flavored concoction and the Bloody Rancor is a spicy Bloody Mary that comes with a Rancor Bone garnish.

Ronto Morning Wrap from Ronto Roasters

Now if you’re in a hurry or are a big fan of Ronto Roasters, you can opt to grab a Ronto Morning Wrap instead! While it may not look pretty, with eggs, grilled pork sausage, shredded cheddar, and peppercorn sauce in pita bread…it’s delicious and filling.

Lunch at Galaxy’s Edge

(Kent Phillips/Disney Parks)

Ronto Wrap from Ronto Roasters

For a quick lunch, head over to Ronto Roasters, which has the perfect hand held meal. It’s a pita with roast pork, sausage, tangy slaw and peppercorn sauce. There are three very delicious specialty beverages, but the Tatooine Sunset is perfectly simple with a small, but refreshing twist. It’s basically an Arnold Palmer with melon and blueberry.

(David Roark/Disney Parks)

Roasted Endorian Tip-yip Salad from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

At Docking Bay 7, the Endorian Tip-yip salad is the way to go. It’s the best value, and the overall best choice for a meal. The more exotic shrimp noodles and the more traditional fried chicken dinner are just not as good and the ribs are fine, but less satisfying, even though the cornbread is awesome. The Felucian Garden Spread is a good vegetarian option as well; and it’s exclusively on the lunch menu. The Phattro is a good choice for a refreshing non alcoholic beverage. The blend contains unsweetened black tea, lemonade, and desert pear.

Dinner at Galaxy’s Edge

I have your itinerary set: eat at dinner Docking Bay 7, grab cocktails at Oga’s and stay for the fireworks.

(David Roark/Disney Parks)

Braised Shaak Roast from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Dinner has to be Docking Bay 7 for the best Galaxy’s Edge food. In addition to the Tip-yip Salad, there are exclusive dinner menu options that are both great choices. The Braised Shaak Roast comes with cavaletti pasta wilted kale and mushrooms for an earthy and hearty meal. The Ithorian Garden Loaf is a very satisfying meat(less) loaf that is served with potato mash, seasonal vegetables and mushroom sauce. Both seem exotic but they are also very much comfort food.

Cocktails at Oga’s Cantina

The best Galaxy’s Edge food can’t be paired with alcohol, but you can head to the lounge before or after your meal—Oga’s Cantina. There are several cocktails and non alcoholic specialty drinks to choose from. I’ve tried MANY of the cocktails and my favorite? The Fuzzy Tauntaun. Not only do you get a tasty cocktail but the foam on top is a fun “fuzzy” experience. The Yub Nub is great for Mai Tai lovers and it comes with a souvenir cup. The White Wampa Ale is an excellent beer choice, and the Jet Juice is a small, but very tasty drink to sip.

Non-Alcoholic drinks at Oga’s Cantina

As for non-alcoholic sips, my favorite is the Blue Bantha because you not only get a tall glass of Blue Milk (my fave), but you also get this FUN Bantha sugar cookie to go with it. Just a fun and tasty experience. My kids love the Hyperdrive (Punch it) and being an avid PORG lover you know I had to get the Cliff Dweller just for the souvenir Porg mug.

I’ve honestly enjoyed all the drinks I’ve had at Oga’s—so just give them a try based on your cocktail preferences. The real joy is the ambiance. So are you ready to get your grub on at Galaxy’s Edge? Be sure to come back and tell us what you tried, what you loved and what you didn’t!

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