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Best Things to Eat at Disneyland Paris

From Cookies and Cupcakes to Crepes, check out our list of the Best Things to Eat at Disneyland Paris!

DISCLOSURE | We received Media Passes to Disneyland Paris but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Best Things to Eat at Disneyland Paris

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram at @anightowlblog or @mydisneyeats, then you likely already know that I just got back from a dream-filled trip to Paris, France! The last time I was in Paris was 18 years ago having just graduated from college. Well life it a little different these days and I was so excited to go with my husband @anightowltech for a week in the city of lights! We spent most of our time in the city but on our last day we hopped the train to Disneyland Paris because we all know how crazy I am about all things Disney, right? And in true foodie fashion, my focus was on the Disney EATS so I’m going to share with you my thoughts on the Best Things to Eat at Disneyland Paris!

Food in Disneyland Paris

So I’ve heard it a number of times that Americans were underwhelmed by the food in Disneyland Paris. But having gone at the end of our Paris trip, I think I had a good feel for the way the French eat that made my experience a little different to where I really enjoyed the food! So let me explain…

Breakfast in Disneyland Paris

First, they don’t eat a big breakfast. We ran into that when we headed out early for a fun filled day that baguettes, croissants and espresso is the French breakfast of choice. That took some getting used to, but if you change up your expectations that really helps! In Disneyland Paris you can find pastries and café just about anywhere. Look for the “Instant Délice” (Delicious Treat) signs all over the park or you can find pastries at Cable Car Bake Shop, Cookie Kitchen and more. If you do like a heartier breakfast, my suggestion would be to reserve a Character Breakfast (Auberge de Cendrillon or Plaza Gardens Restaurant), eat at your Disneyland Paris Hotel (most have sit down and breakfast buffets) or hit up Disney Village before heading into the park.

Lunch in Disneyland Paris

For lunch there are a number of quick serve and sit down options! For my fellow Americans, I would skip spots like Hyperion Cafe and Hakuna Matata that serve basic burgers and chicken sandwiches with fries and hit up spots with more unique food offerings like Agrabah Café, Cowboy Cookout and Fuente del Oro. I opted to stop at Market House Deli and I was so glad that I did. They offer amazing baguette sandwiches, wraps and Croque-Monsieur! I’m a big Croque-Monsieur fan so I grabbed one of those, a fountain drink and maybe a little treat for after. So there are fun lunch offerings, you just have to know where (and where NOT) to stop.

Croque-Monsier from Market House Deli

Oh, the Croque-Monsier! I probably ate one everyday while we were in Paris and this version was large, toasty and delicious! The size of this one was great, it really filled me up for lunch. And it was nice to be able to grab it and sit down for a quick and easy lunch. Market House is easy to access, has a bunch of other lunch options like baguettes, wraps and salads that are great for a non-fussy meal. The drink options were great too and there were sides if you want a little more to eat.

Dinner in Disneyland Paris

Now another big difference I found eating in Paris is that Parisians love their three-course menus! Because of that, I would highly recommend that you reserve a nice dinner spot in the park for your last meal of the day! I recommend Bistrot Chez Rémy, Captain Jack’s or if it’s open (it was closed for refurbishment while we were there), Walt’s. We dined at Chez Rémy and it was probably my favorite experience overall! The theming was adorable, the service was quick and the food was delicious!

Grilled Steak from Bistrot Chez Rémy

I have to say this was my favorite meal in the park! Not only was the ambiance amazing, but the service was great and the food was delicious! I had the (cold) tomato soup, which was interesting at first but with the cream cheese and herbs I ended up enjoying it. Andre had the starter salad and loved it. Then we both ordered the Grilled Steak with Ratatouille and Fries! I would recommend ordering it Medium (unless you love well done) and I got the Brie sauce (omg amazing) and my husband got the Bearnaise. I REALLY enjoyed this meal…

Tiramisu from Bistrot Chez Rémy

This was a hard choice! I’ve heard great things about the desserts at Chez Rémy: the chocolate mousse gets rave reviews and you can even order a chocolate eclair from the kids menu! But I saw someone else with the tiramisu and it was SO big and adorable I just had to have it! And it did NOT disappoint. I loved the ratio of coffee mousse to the ladyfingers and the Mickey wafers on top were so cute (and tasty). I highly recommend this dessert!

Best Snacks in Disneyland Paris

Now onto what you’re probably ALL waiting for. The SNACKS! Now this is where I think Americans get most tripped up, because Disneyland Paris doesn’t quite have the snacks and treats that the U.S. parks do. BUT I have to tell you I found plenty of tasty noms! Again, I just think you need to know where to look. First, there aren’t as many dedicated spots for snacks but there are carts all over the parks that sell items like waffles, crepes, ice cream and popcorn! In my experience they’re worth trying. And there are SO MANY spots with baked goods, you really could go overboard there. Let’s go through the list of my favorites…

Marshmallow Mickey from Boardwalk Candy Palace

This little guy is probably one of the most recognizable treats from Disneyland Paris! On the little placard you will see “guimauve tête de Mickey nappage chocolaté noix de coco” which translates literally to marshmallow head of Mickey, chocolate topping coconut. You can get plain marshmallow, marshmallow dipped in chocolate or the one I got here with marshmallow dipped chocolate and coconut flakes. I mean, you might as well go all out right? Cute and sweet!

Chocolate Chip Mickey from Boardwalk Candy Palace

You’ll actually see this one called a Mickey “biscuit” at the candy palace and truly, the “cookies” here are less sweet and more of a buttery biscuit. But alas, they are still oh so good! I think the chocolate dipped Mickey ears here are the way to go to add a little of sweetness to this cute biscuit treat!

Fudge from Boardwalk Candy Palace

Ok by the time I hit up Boardwalk Candy Palace I was quite stuffed so I didn’t purchase any full pieces of fudge BUT they did have a TON of tiny samples on top of the candy case and I tried them all and let me tell you…they were amazing! I would highly recommend the “Fudge Citron Meringue” but they were all pretty delicious.

Mickey Cupcake from Market House Deli

I mentioned up above that I may have snagged a treat from my lunch at Market House Deli and this was it! I have to be honest, I grabbed it for its cuteness and overall it was quite the basic cupcake…but it was inexpensive and was too cute to pass up! Great for a photo opp, skip the frosting that will surely stain your mouth Mickey red.

Double Scoop from The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

You might be surprised to find that Gibson Girl in Disneyland Paris serves Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream! Now Ben & Jerry’s is my favorite ice cream so I was excited to learn this and stood in a 30 minute line for this treat (oh man, Disneyland Paris needs mobile ordering). I had heard from some folks before going that they weren’t fans of Ben & Jerry’s so if that’s the case for you, you can also find delicious gelato in Fantasyland at Fantasia Gelati.

Assorted Mini Pastries from Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant

[Not pictured here] are the famous Victoria’s Milkshakes you’ve probably seen on Instagram. Woe is me, the milkshake machine was DOWN when we visited. But thankfully our stop at Victoria’s wasn’t completely a bust and I did order the “Pâtisseries” or mini pastries and they were oh so cute! You don’t get to choose what you get, but I lucked out and got two Mickey-shaped cuties, a lemon curd and a cheesecake filled fruit tart. The third was a little chocolate tart. Overall the cheesecake filled fruit one was my favorite. They’re not going to fill you up, but fun to try!

Popcorn from the Pop-Corn Cart

After the complaints I’ve heard about Disneyland Paris snacks, I was shocked to see popcorn carts! I mean, if you have Disney popcorn, what is there to complain about people?! And what I LOVED about Disneyland Paris popcorn carts is that they have both salty and SWEET popcorn! The sweet is of course like the American version of kettle corn and I have to say BOTH were very tasty and definitely up to Disney standards. Plus how CRAZY CUTE is this popcorn bucket?! It’s one of my favorite souvenirs from Paris.

Nutella Crepe from the Crepes Cart

Now we’re talking, Disneyland Paris! This one was top on my list because if there’s one thing that Paris does well it’s crepes. Seriously good and I have to say that I was shocked that Disneyland Paris gave me the BEST crepe I had during our entire Paris trip! It was delicious, thin and warm and filled with just the right amount of Nutella. I ate the entire messy thing and LOVED the little holder it came in. This might be my favorite DLP find!

Magnum Bar from Ice Cream Carts

Now sadly, Disneyland Paris does not have the Mickey Bar but if you’re craving an ice cream treat I do highly recommend the Magnum Ice Cream Bar! They’re not expensive and good for a sweet ice cream treat on the go.

Tips for Dining in Disneyland Paris

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this list and that it helps you with planning your trip to Disneyland Paris. I really enjoyed my time there and yes, really enjoyed the food! A few tips to round it all out.

  • Make reservations for popular sit-down restaurants 60 days out. Places like Captain Jacks and Chez Remy fill up fast (you can call toll free at 0800 085 0671)!
  • Unlike the U.S. parks, you cannot take your own food or beverages into the park.
  • Check the open and close times for every restaurant! One thing I noted while there is that every shop had it’s own schedule; for example there were many spots like Gibson Girl that closed early, Walt Disney Studios typically closes earlier than Disneyland Paris and the entire middle of the Disneyland Paris Park closes early for the fireworks show. If there is anything you “must-have” I would take note and be sure to visit early on in your day or visit.



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