Guide to Magnolia Table Restaurant

From when to go and what to eat, we have all the tips you need for an amazing visit to Chip and Jo’s Magnolia Table Restaurant in Waco, TX.

Guide to Magnolia Table Restaurant

Hi friends! If you FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM you may remember that I visited Magnolia Market earlier this year with my mother. We wrote up a whole guide around visiting the Silos but we started out our time in Waco, TX visiting Chip and Jo’s restaurant, Magnolia Table. We had such an amazing time, and I wanted to share the experience and tips that we gleaned from our visit so check out our tips and best things to order off the Magnolia Table Menu!

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Magnolia Table Tips

Magnolia Table is not at the silos.

Maybe you’re like me and assumed that the restaurant was located at Magnolia Market at the Silos? Well, it’s not. BUT the good news is that Waco is a quaint little town and the restaurant is only about 3 miles away, which makes for a 5-10 minute drive if you’re starting out at the Silos or plan to head there afterwards.

Get to Magnolia Table early.

Magnolia Table does not take reservations and it’s first come, first serve so if you don’t want to wait long, my recommendation is to get there early! Lucky for us, the restaurant opens super early, at 6am Monday-Saturday! For obvious reasons Saturdays are the busiest. We dined on a Saturday morning and for just 2 of us at 7am, we were seated right away! It meant for a somewhat early morning BUT it was perfect timing to enjoy breakfast and then head over to Magnolia Market for the market opening at 9am! I would also note if you have a larger group, you will likely have a wait to be seated but again, the earlier you’re there the better.

Magnolia Table is closed on Sundays.

Like our friends at Chick-fil-a, Magnolia Table is closed on Sundays. Keep this in mind if you’re planning a weekend trip to Waco. So technically their welcome flooring should say Breakfast Served “almost” Daily. LOL!

Visit the outdoor coffee bar.

If you do find yourself with a bit of a wait, no worries! Hit up one of the THREE coffee bars at Magnolia Table, this one located to the left of the entrance by the patio. That way you can get your Elite Pecan caffeine fix while waiting for breakfast (and it gives you a chance to wander around the grounds a bit)!

Order Take Away.

If you don’t have time to sit down at Magnolia Table, it’s too busy to get in or you just want to take some tasty goodness with you, keep in mind they have a “Take Away” area. There you can find a few of their housemade favorites packaged to-go, a selection of Silos Baking Co. pastries and a plenty of coffee drinks for your pleasure.

Visit the Magnolia Table Shop.

Right inside the Take Away area to the left, there is a little shop where you can pick up Magnolia Table products and souvenirs! This is a great time to grab that souvenir mug (that’s what I got), some Magnolia Table towels and one of JoJo’s books.

Check out the bathroom.

I know it may sound funny, but even the bathrooms at Magnolia Table are an experience! You’ll find a classic black and white theme, sweet Magnolia candles burning and mirrors perfect for a bathroom selfie.

Check out the history.

If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, then you already know that the location of Magnolia Table, formerly the Elite Cafe, has been a part of Waco’s history for nearly 100 years. At the entrance there is a historical medallion that you should stop by and check out while you’re there!

Check out Chip + Jo’s Mark.

If you’re walking to the Take Away area from the front entrance, take note of Chip & Jo’s handprints in cement along the way! It’s a fun picture to snap for your photo album from the visit.

Ok, so there are some of our favorite tips. NOW, let’s get to the FOOD!

Best Things to Eat at Magnolia Table

While I didn’t get to eat everything on the menu, we did do some research before heading to Magnolia Table to figure out just what to order to maximize our visit. We also chatted up our waitress, and what they say about Magnolia Table Staff is SO true…they’re so friendly and amazing! She shared some of her must-haves as well.

The Magnolia Table Menu

I went to Magnolia Table with my mother and because we wanted to try all of the must haves on the menu, we ate “family style”…as in we ordered a little bit of everything so we could try the most dishes without being wasteful. It was a wonderful smorgasbord of breakfast delights so if you’re going with close family or friends, I highly recommend doing the same! That way you can get the most out of your visit.

Elite Pecan Coffee

A balanced blend of medium roasted Central & South American coffees, Elite Coffee was personally selected by Joanna herself to serve at Magnolia Table. I always like to try something that is particular to the location I’m visiting so our waitress recommended the Pecan blend. Elite Pecan is sweet, nutty, and creamy, the perfect start to a delicious breakfast at Magnolia Table, PLUS it’s served in the sweetest Magnolia mug!

Nutty Cinnamon Roll from Silos Baking Co.

During your time in Waco and at Magnolia Market, you’re going to want to carve out time in your schedule to visit the Silos Baking Co! They’re famous for their yummy cupcakes, but right here at Magnolia Table you can choose form some amazing Silos Baking Co. Pastries! Our waitress recommended the Nutty Cinnamon Roll and it did NOT disappoint.

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Housemade Tater Tots

Give me some of your tots! Now THESE tater tots ain’t those kind you’ll find in the frozen section of your grocer. They are BIG hush-puppy sized, crunchy on the outside, housemade tater tots topped with parmesan cheese + fresh chives. They are OMGee delicious and something I would order over and over again. Top on our list.

Jo’s Buttermilk Biscuits with Strawberry Butter

So these were also top on our list going in; I had heard great things about Jo’s biscuits and they lived up to the hype! Now you can order them with sausage gravy, but y’all…you NEED to get this Strawberry Butter in your life. It’s life-changing. So no matter what you order, get a side of biscuits and butter!

French Toast Breakfast

Hear me out. I’ve actually heard that folks didn’t love the French toast, but I’m here to tell you they were wrong. First, I think this is a perfect breakfast to order if you’re sharing (easy to split up)! Second, the French toast comes with strawberry butter, YUM. Third, I’m a firm believer that something in a truly well-rounded breakfast experience needs to be smothered in maple syrup, right?! Tell me I’m not the only one. The French toast also comes with two eggs cooked-to-order, housemade tater tots + your choice of house sausage or thick-cut peppered bacon. See, perfect right?

One thing we did NOT order and should have? The LEMON LAVENDER DONUT HOLES. I feel like we had SO many “bread” items on our list and this was just not one that we got to this time around. But I’ve heard they’re amazing so it’s definitely on our list for our next visit!

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