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Best Things to Eat and Drink at Disney Festival of Holidays

From the Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Macaron to the Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese, there are so many great bites and brews to discover at the Disney Festival of Holidays at Disneyland California Adventure!

Disney Festival of Holidays Tips

Hi friends! The holidays are here at Disneyland and that means that the Disney Festival of Holidays is back as well. If you know me, you know that I LOVE a good foodie festival, especially the ones at Disney. I love that you can pack all the fun of a normal Disney trip in PLUS get to partake of all the amazing food and wine that Disney has to offer at the Festival Marketplaces. So today we’re sharing a few tips AND some of our favorites from each Festival Kiosk!

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Disney Festival of Holidays Sip and Savor Pass

One of the main tips I have for you for the is to snag the Sip and Savor Pass! At just $54 (including tax), the pass includes a commemorative credential plus 8 coupons redeemable for eligible food and beverage offerings. In addition to a reduced price, Annual Passholders will receive a special souvenir lanyard and can snag a festival button. What I love about this pass is if you’re planning to eat your way through the festival it’s just a great deal…much better than purchasing individual items. I think it also helps you to keep to a budget if you’re trying to do that. NOTE: the pass does not include alcoholic items or souvenirs, so plan accordingly and you’ll simply pay separately for those items. Sip and Savor Passes are available at the Festival Merchandise Carts, Seaside Souvenirs, Kingswell Camera Shop and Rushin’ River Outfitters.

Disney Festival of Holidays Tasting Passport

Another tip is at the same time you grab your Sip and Savor Pass, also grab a Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival Tasting Passport! It’s a handy dandy pamphlet that lists what is at each Festival Marketplace, includes a Festival Map AND has a spot for you to get stamped at each kiosk. If you’re like me and see this as a challenge to get all the stamps, you’re going to love it.

Order all your items from one kiosk

Last tip I have for you is to try to plan ahead and figure out just what you want to try from each kiosk, then find the SHORTEST line and you can ORDER THEM ALL. That’s right, you can order all of your items at once and then simply visit the window at each kiosk and show them your receipt to redeem! Some of the lines can get REALLY long and you don’t want to be wasting time waiting in line, right? So a little planning ahead of time can SAVE you a lot of time.

Find a shady spot for home base

During our visit we found a table in the shade (which is great because it was HOT on opening day) and used that as our home base. We also got a tray from the first kiosk (another GREAT tip) and collected bites from a few kiosks at the same time to bring back to our table. This made it really easy to try a bunch of bites and enjoy our time without having to stand in the sun or wander around looking for a place to eat.

Best Things to Eat and Drink at Disney Festival of Holidays

Ok, let’s get into the meat (literally) of our post! I know it’s really hard to get to ALL of the items at EVERY kiosk so this time I’m sharing my TOP FAVORITE items from the festival overall and in order of how much I loved them! So here you have it, our “festival faves” from the 2019 Disney Festival of Holidays:

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Macaron from Making Spirits Bright Marketplace

This is number ONE on my list! Not only do I think this is one of the prettiest bites on the Festival of Holidays menu, I think it’s the best tasting too! And bonus, it’s a large cookie so big enough to share (if you’re feeling generous).

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Macaron from Making Spirits Bright Marketplace

Reimagined Beef Wellington from A Twist on Tradition Marketplace

Ok, so I ordered this one because it was Mickey-shaped (and what Disney foodie doesn’t love that?!), but I have to be honest I was so pleasantly surprised and just how GOOD this was! A puffed pastry filled with tender meat and and mushrooms, I would highly recommend!

House-made Horchata Cocktail from Merry Mashups Marketplace

Ok Cinnamon Toast Crunch lovers, this one is for you! With a generous helping of Rum Chata, this cinnamon-y horchata cocktail was absolutely delicious!

Churros Yule Log from Merry Mashups Marketplace

Another one for you cinnamon sugar lovers (like myself), this adorable (little) Churros Yule Log was so yummy! I mean, who doesn’t love a good Disney yule log? They always do them so well.

Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese from Favorite Things Marketplace

Gotta get that mac & cheese in! Disney doesn’t go wrong with these concoctions and this stuffing topped delicacy was definitely all right.

Mickey & Minnie Cookies from Holiday Duets Marketplace

They’re just so cute, right? I’m a sucker for cute cookies, especially again when they’re Mickey-shaped. Plus they’re easy to share!

Reuben Potato Tots from A Twist on Tradition Marketplace

Served with Russian Dressing and Rye Toast crumbles, I was honestly impressed with these Reuben topped tater tots! This is a great one to share with friends too.

SLO Brew, Cali-Squeeze, Blood Orange Hefeweizen from Brews & Bites Marketplace

If you’re a wheat beer lover, you’ve gotta give this Blood Orange Hefeweizen a try! A little on the sweet side, you don’t have to add any orange to this one as it’s right in the beer. Delicious!

Braised Pork Belly Adobo from Holiday Duets Marketplace

Served on top of garlic fried rice, this pork belly is fall-apart-tender and just so tasty! I feel like it always makes an appearance on Disney’s festival menus and there is a good reason: it’s always on top of our list!

Churro Toffee Cold Brew from Holiday Duets Marketplace

I’m a sucker for cold brew! I do have a note about the whipped cream this year; it appears that Disney has moved to an oil-based more “stable” form of whipped cream which is GREAT for pictures but honestly doesn’t taste nearly as good and in the case of the cold brew here, it doesn’t quite melt into the coffee like you would hope. BUT with that said, I still thought it was tasty and those churro toffee bits can’t be beat!

Beef Pot Roast from Winter Sliderland Marketplace

Served on a potato roll with horseradish cream, I had super HIGH hopes for this pot roast slider. The meat was DELICIOUS as expected. I have to say I didn’t love the potato roll, I thought it was a little overwhelming for the tender beef but with just the beef and sauce I would still rank this one high on my list.

Bourbon Cranberry Cocktail from Winter Sliderland Marketplace

This one tastes like Christmas in a cup! With hints of cinnamon, this cocktail surely will make your spirits bright. Now I have a warning to issue for this one…stir and drink quickly as the bourbon tends to settle and will get a little tougher to take towards the end if you’re not careful.

Fried Turkey Slider from Winter Sliderland Marketplace

This one was a bit of a surprise to me! I’m not normally a huge turkey fan, but I love the crispy fried shell on the meat, the tangy cranberry sauce and the slaw topping. Such a yummy combo!


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From Meyer Lemon Macaron to the Ghost Pepper Mac & Cheese, there are so many great bites and brews to discover at the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival!

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